GFM series of closed boxes Busway

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GFM series of closed boxes Busway

First, the scope of application of 
GFM boxes were closed and the bus is my company several scientific research institutions to develop a new type of bus access. Applicable to the exchange of 50 ~ 60Hz, rated voltage 3.6 ~ 40.5kV, rated current of 400 ~ 3150A for the distribution system.

Second, structural features and technical parameters The structure characteristic and technical references of the busbar 

The basic structure of bus The base structure of the busbar 

Structural characteristics 

The series busbar has an excellent performance against short-circuit, due to aluminum (or weak magnetic steel) shell of protection, can be effectively reduced circulation caused by eddy current or the structure of fever, lower busbar casing temperature, reduce electricity losses, improve carrying capacity, reduce the electric power. 

Busbar structure in the series advanced, the installation of maintenance holes can be located in the upper or lower part of the busbar, the current indoor busbar on both sides of the shell and the lower part of the 100 equipped with ventilation windows, to enhance the heat dissipation, lower temperature or. 

The use of double insulation and shell multi-point ground connection to significantly reduce the maintenance workload, safety performance improved significantly. 

The use of bellows expansion joints, installation is simple, can be horizontal, vertical direction of the regulation of the two degrees of freedom can not only meet the needs of different热胀冷缩caused by temperature drop and flexibility requirements, but also on the basis of the settlement as a result of errors caused by compensation to solve the traditional slide-style telescopic poor level of protection devices, installation problems, the shortcomings of unreliable operation. 

To address the transformers, generators and power distribution cabinet vibration generated by run-time negative impact on the Busway, Busway in connection with the connection or the use of soft copper braided belt, between the shell by adding rubber mats to reduce vibration; for bus trough body, the installation of shock absorbers in the system, and conductivity of the insulator to achieve a flexible schedule to support the better to avoid the shell and the mechanical vibrations of seismic waves to bring about the destruction of enclosed bus. 

Busbar of the heat transfer mainly by thermal radiation, in order to very good use of thermal radiation, the outer surface of the busbar light gray spray paint to reduce the absorption of visible light; the inner surface of the busbar black spray paint to enhance the internal heat radiation of the shell At the same time, to prevent corona. 

In order to avoid the winter outdoors, the indoor temperature Gel phenomenon occasionally produced in the Department through walls set casing through walls, so that the outdoor and indoor busbar completely isolated; vertical installation, the flange including the level of installation , outer flange. 

In order to improve the operation of busbar temperature rise allowed to prevent the power of the coastal and open-air atmosphere of serious corrosion of the electrolytic corrosion of the joints to reduce the contact resistance, all the joint use of silver-plated handle to allow the temperature rise joints to 65K, much higher temperature rise in the normal working hours. 

Busway self in order to avoid the resulting resonance frequency of the frequency range (for a single bus of its resonance frequency range of 35 ~ 135Hz), and the role of the bus to reduce the electrical power, to determine a reasonable span between insulators, select insulator models, specifications and strength grade. 

Detachable connector to the temperature monitoring, in transformers, generators and power distribution cabinets with busbar connection exit setup enclosed observation window, through that patch or far-infrared temperature measurement device to direct measurement of temperature, monitor bus system operation. 

For the convenience of users, can be based on user needs, as well as the exit of generator excitation transformer load current transformer primary side to facilitate the detection of current users. 

Main technical parameters 

Insulation Resistance: each section of busbar unit &#118alue of insulation resistance should be greater than or equal to 1000MΩ (2500V megohm table). 

Dielectric strength: each section of the factory before Busway 1 minute power frequency withstand voltage test, power frequency voltage and Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage &#118alue, see table (1). 

Grounding Systems: meet the IEC364-5-54 on power system requirements. 

Protection levels: household type: IP40; outdoors type: IP43. 

Load performance: in the rated current, the shell of the temperature rise in line with the GB763-90 "the exchange of high-voltage electrical heating at the time of the long-term" standards. 

Short-circuit performance: dynamic thermal stability test in line with the GB2706-89 "the exchange of high-voltage electrical dynamic thermal stability test method" standards. 

Busbar cross-section dimension and see the weight per meter (1) and Table (2)


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