Explosion-proof adapter, explosion-proof fittings

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Explosion-proof adapter, explosion-proof fittings

The pipe connection for explosion-proof electrical wiring system for use as a converter to connect


Structural characteristics

  The use of high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel or brass is made of high strength
  Connecting thread specifications may be based on user requirements, such as G thread, NPT thread, M metric system and other non-standard screw thread, etc


Technical Data

  Explosive gas environment: 1 zone, 2 zone              
  Type of gas or steam: A, B, C              
  Implementation of standards: GB 3836.1-2000,  GB 3836.2-2000          

  Explosion-proof mark: Exd


Model specifications


     AConversion connectorFM              MOutside the thread through                     PPlug
     RAdjustable casingFM              EThread bend pass                     LNLock home
     FThread through                          TThread links
  Mark Thread specifications: 
    Thread based on user requirements specifications can be used metric thread M, Pipe Thread G, NPT and PG threads such as thread, orders should be marked;
     Reducing the need to carefully mark each end of thread between the "/" to connect;
     Conversion connector and adjustable internal and external casing thread should be marked, respectively, outside the thread add "M", within the thread add "F"
     Adjustable three tagging order: the largest thread client / Max relative client-side / side branch
  Manufacturing materials: 
     CCarbon steel, the surface of zinc or zinc white yellow               BBrass or nickel-plated brass                     SStainless Steel


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