YHXe series Threading of explosion-proof box

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YHXe series Threading  of explosion-proof box

YHXe series Threading  of explosion-proof boxes, the use of die-casting aluminum alloy or steel manufacturing, the surface of plain spray paint, apply a mixture of the danger of explosive places in the steel wire when wiring connections and a variety of curved lines by then.


Structural characteristics
  The use of cast aluminum alloy shell or cast steel, spraying paint or galvanized surface treatment;
  Diverse structure, easy to install;
  Adjustable and customizable;
Technical Data
  Explosive gas environment: 1 zone, 2 zone,
  Type of gas or steam: A, B, C
  Implementation of standards: GB 3836.1,  GB 3836.3JB 9599
  Explosion-proof mark: Exe   
Model specifications



    Code     Type    Code   Type        
      E  All threading through     Y  Turn right pass threading box cover      
      T  Threading links box     H  Back bend threading pass box      
      S  Threading Stone Box     W  Bending threading pass box      
      Z  Threading pass bends left box cover     HT  Threading links box rear cover      
 Specificationsand connecting thread                
     Generally used to connect threaded pipe thread G, can be omitted, for the use of other threads to be marked such as the NPT, etc.      
  Specifications ThreadG     Specifications ThreadG      
  15 G1/2     40 G11/2      
  20 G3/4     50 G2      
  25 G1     70 G21/2      
  32 G11/4     80 G3

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